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This translates into wide acceptance by all known search engines of our SEO methodology.

Having this level of skills will propel your website to the top of most search engines.

We control hundreds of top-ranked websites before this website was produced.

Scottish SEO proposes to change this for the better and build from the very beginning an environment of trust and mutual respect.

We are here to cater to all business types from the very large to the corner shop and to individual bloggers.

But no matter who are clients are they get the same level of very high SEO know-how because we care.

Everyone that instructs us to help them deserves the same level of professional services and standards.

We aim to serve every client as if it was our own personal website.

We won’t be spamming for new leads as you are our prospective clients.

You will have to find us first using the very same search engines that you want other people to find your website.

The SEO Services we can provide all potential clients is a first and foremost Free Website Audit.

We will send you a full description of what our SEO teams can do for your particular website.


mailto:[email protected]

Just give us your website details and contact name and the Scottish SEO team will do the rest.

We will get in touch with you within a few days by return email only.

Our teams will simply give you a report on what’s good or bad it’s then up to you if you wish to take up our services.

No other SEO company that we are aware of offers this totally free SEO audit service.

Great prices on website health.

If you need or we may advise you need to upgrade your web hosting package.

We can offer special deals and even set it up for you at a rock-bottom price, click here for more details.

We can also advise on this subject matter but what is the point of stating we can do this without proving it ourselves? So here are the results of this website from

SEO World Championship 2007.

There’s only ever been one SEO world championship.

That took place in 2007 the keyword set was GLOBAL WARMING 2007.

The team at Scottish SEO won it easily and there were only 2.8 million entrants!

Please check the SEO services we can provide you with above.

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