SEO Scotland Current Website Projects.

Here is a short list of Scottish SEO current Website Projects that are International and UK based.

Some of these links are not controlled by us but by respective domain renters and one or two has not changed their own domain servers to our Hostinger business pro hosting.

Some domains are awaiting their owner’s change of servers but we hold copies of the sites as a backup just in case that’s something most web designers don’t even do never-mind SEO Companies in the UK.

Friockheim Cafe, One of our teams neighbors done them a huge favor so we returned the goodwill gesture in spades after 1 week they doubled their footfall. They are also greatest and best cake makers in all of Angus so I don’t think our team member will be very thin for long.

Aberdeen Personal Trainer We were asked by another well-known brother in Aberdeen to help a close young family friend, how could we refuse?

Loma Wheels Monaco is the world’s top aftermarket wheels and body kit with offices in Europe, Dubai, and North America.

International Scotland is one of the top consumer blogs in the UK and the most hated website of Donald Trump yes Mr. Fake News himself.  The site’s front page is missing as it is suspected that search engines have been or paid to remove it due to being rather controversial in nature although all threads are fully researched and are very true.

Wheels and Body Kits is one of Scotland’s best-known online aftermarket rims stockist official partners of Loma Wheels.

Aberdeen Joiners, Kevin Reid Joinery is one of the most respected joiners and building contractors in Aberdeenshire.

Aberdeen Balloons are One of Aberdeen’s best-kept secrets if you require high-quality Balloons they don’t come any better than what Alana produces.

Aberdeen Roof Repairs Aberdeen’s number 1 roofing repair company and offers 24-hour call-out emergency services. Currently offline due to the owner not getting the DNS servers aligned which is out of our control.

Sons of the Soil 1451 is one of the City of Aberdeen’s largest and fastest-growing freemason lodges this site gets over 30,000 visitors per year.

Masonic Lodges is one of the world’s most visited freemason portal websites.

Reflexology Angus, Heather’s reflexology is the perfect place to sort out all your aches and pains.

Corrupt Solicitors is a site dedicated to name and shame lawyers that have wiped £500,000 of a 1 million probate case that has had a part in this alleged price-fixing scam.

Aberdeen African Restaurant  

Aberdeen African Restaurant is now under new management and we offered sponsored website design and SEO 1-month-old and already getting 4000 hits a month.

Real Fruit Gin – We were contacted by Ellon Gin to help out with their online marketing -.

This site is only 3 days old so has another few days before bing and yahoo start indexing this to the top of the page 1 we say hopefully but it seems we are getting over 400 visitors a day just typing out the generic name by itself by adding the dot com at the end.

Angus Motorhomes New site launched today well 6 pm it was rented, like we say everyone deserves to be ranked 1 on page 1.

Probate Scams -New site that’s very close to our hearts in fact Dr. Jones our in-house A. I SEO expert have been fighting with the so-called cream of English probate professionals for over 7 years so yes we know the real score on probate scammers, this site is going to be a monster starting at 6.30 pm on the 28th of May 2022.

Dell Disputes We were asked by a good friend if we can help get this Dell dispute’s web portal indexed by the search engines at its launch date and we were happy to freely help our mutual Scottish Frateneral friend.