Special Deals on Hostinger Hosting Packages.

When running any website whether its a blog to a fully fledged ecommerce site you and your visitors or customers requires extremely reliable and as fast as you can afford hosting packages.

This site is build on the Hostinger servers and they are superb in everyway.

Scottish SEO can setup your new servers on shared hosting terms advise on what free domain to choose at the outset to maximise our SEO expertise to get the max in generic traffic and sales if running an e-commerce site.

Most SEO Company’s don’t even talk about this as being a significant SEO ranking factor, it certainly is and always has been, most sites not opening within 3.5 seconds has no chance of seeing the light of the day on most search engines, this site takes less than 1 second to fully load.

We at Scottish SEO thinks this is so important that if your serious about ranking high and your host is to slow let us help you, our special deals on hosting is mega cheap and can give you and your project up to 4 years of trouble free web hosting and you can add up to 100 other sites on the same project.

If you require our help on hosting or migration of your site away from your old outdated servers please simply contact us on this email address here!