WP Website Design With Free Web Hosting Provided.

Word Press website design with free web hosting provided on the fastest servers available to all new clients of Scottish SEO.

Not only was this team behind winning the SEO World Championship in 2007 we were also the very first Aberdeen Website Design, Dundee Website Design but also Angus Website Design.

We all started off in life being HTML Coders and building websites on notepad first, at one time we even ran HYML5 website design and also ran the W3Cforum.com site for validated websites and W3C webmasters.

To be honest if your site is a blog or even a high quality ecommerce website WP is the only real option as Adobe and publisher can’t do what WP can period!

We have together built over 21000 WordPress sites every single one of them is page 1, number 1 for the main search term used and the same result can be yours too.

We were all once google speed-test/GT=Metrix or Google insights guru’s which means we know the secrets to building very fast websites at matches the top 1% of all the sites in the world no-one else in Scotland can compete.

WP Latest Scottish SEO website speed on GT METRIX image.
Can your site of favourite site go as fast as this new Scottish SEO project completed in 34 mins.

If you instruct us to build you a new client website we will build, SEO, host it for free for the first 12 months, free Domain (first year) from Google directly.

Well for an all singing and dancing site we are ONLY asking for £300 included is also your education to learn how to do the updates yourself or £25 per site update which is cheap as chips and zero VAT.

What are you waiting for, this is a time limited offer please call our project manager Donny Mathew on 01224-013011 for further information and the latest deals form the Scottish SEO Team?

To be the best, join the best and together we take on the competition together and we promise never to compete against the same market there’s only one number 1 spot and who-ever comes first they will stay there!